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MBA ADMISSION CONSULTING 2.0 Expert Advice. A Fraction of the Price.

MBA admissions is a tough game. Learn how to win it with, the only admissions service endorsed &Created by an advisory body formed around IIM -A&JBIMS Graduates. grants you free or subsidised access to the MBA or PGDM Applications that students would otherwise shell thousands of rupees & over 100 hours for.
See through various claims made by b-schools and get accurate, unbiased & audited insights on over 200+ B-schools, Explore, Shortlist & Apply at discounted or No Cost Applications.
Boost your profile & increase your admit chances to your favourite b-school via Recommendations from Industry Leaders & Academia Captains along with GD/PI/WAT/ESSAY WRITING Training & Learn admissions secrets for which traditional admissions consultants charge a fortune. (use bullets or boxes)
You’ll discover how to create your strongest possible application via interactive, online exercises and videos that guide you step by step.


Available On Demand

Never spend countless hours waiting for a response, the way you’d have to wait to hear back from a traditional admissions consultant. Whether you’re traveling for work, on your lunch break, or have a sudden flash of inspiration, MBAaspirant’s expert admissions advice is ready whenever (and wherever!) you are. ”Working part-time, attending college, and a side business, I needed admissions help that could operate with my schedule but still quench my thirst for details and specifics. MBAaspirant was the perfect solution for me. It offers amazingly detailed analysis of various institutions ¬ only what to do, but why you do it, which is really the secret sauce of admissions!” Deeksha Dange MBA – Marketing

Specific Advice For Every School & Every Process.

MBAaspirant knows that one MBA application does not fit all. That is why we provide specific in-depth process guidance for top business schools’ offering profile based selection , including video tutorials and personal training.

When you start shortlisting B-schools, [] has school by school research, on Group Discussion, Personal Interview Pattern, Micro-Presentation, Written Ability tests etc for each and every school and have addressed *every* possible concern that an applicant might have

I remember when I had to make a Micro Presentation for one application, [MBAaspirant] had a full tutorial on how to quickly make it along with all useful links and tools. Superb.”

Bharat Dulani
Accepted to SDMIMD, ITM, XIME

Unlimited Schools, Unlimited Potential, Subsidized Applications

While applying directly or through Other traditional admissions consultants studentspay for applications or admissions advice on just ONE school.

With Subsidized applications, allows you to apply to unlimited schools for less than what those consultants charge for merely one hour of their time. There is simply no other way to access MBA admissions advice this good, this comprehensive, at such a reasonable price. Build your best applications today with MBAaspirant.

I was applying to business school while working for a non-profit space, so paying 6000 INR (cost of a 4-school application package from most consulting companies) wasn’t feasible. However, I was worried about competing against other candidates who were taking advantage of such services.

The advice that [] provided was identical – if not more personalized in some instances – to advice I’d heard that my friends received from their consultants.

Such a cost effective way to de-stress the application process!”

Accepted to Kirloskar, SDMIMD, ITM, IFIM, XIME & IPE